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The ongoing crisis of the coronavirus pandemic makes this year’s OPCC different. Like many threats and impacts from climate change, COVID-19 is hitting cities hard, and especially communities of color and indigenous peoples here in the US. The process of recovery will be long, will take all of us, and has to build back to an economy that is resilient, just, and prosperous accounting for the ongoing crisis of climate change.

“Cities, tribes, and local governments are among those being hardest hit by COVID-19,” Kevin Taylor says. “WWF supports each of these institutions, and many others in business, higher education and healthcare. Through the pandemic we’ve seen them rise to the moment, but not lose sight of or their commitment to climate action. They are showing us the interconnections between COVID-19 and climate and ways to combat both crises and how we can build back better as we look toward recovery.”

The OPCC will help spread the great ideas of Park City and others through that global network of over 250 participating cities, to replicate success in electrifying transportation, greening buildings, expanding parks and open space, and a rapid transition to clean, renewable energy. This work will put Americans back to work.

Being selected as the US National Winner puts Park City in the running with 58 cities from around the world for WWF’s We Love Cities challenge, which runs through October 11. This campaign supports stronger dialogue and relationships between cities and their residents—creating together a better vision for their future.

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