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“Protected areas are a fundamental strategy for protecting biodiversity and services to people, but their design and management to protect freshwater ecosystems must be improved,” said Michele Thieme, lead author of the study and lead freshwater scientist at WWF. “Rivers are the lifeblood of ecosystems. Any policy that aims to conserve nature must prioritize the free flow of rivers.

A 2019 study found that over two-thirds of long rivers are impeded by dams and infrastructure. Loss of healthy, connected rivers is one of the major drivers of the 83% decline of freshwater species populations and according to a recent report, dams are one of the main factors contributing to the 76% decline in freshwater migratory fish populations since 1970. 

To help countries and communities better protect their freshwater resources, WWF and partners have detailed how the world can meet climate targets and keep rivers Connected and Flowing. By shifting a portion of projected future hydropower development toward increased investment in wind and solar generation, and carefully siting new hydropower projects to mitigate negative impacts to critical ecosystems, we can better protect our rivers and the species and communities that depend on them.

Want to help take action to stop bad dams and infrastructure development in freshwater habitats and raise awareness of the importance of keeping rivers free-flowing? – Join WWF’s Freshwater Force.

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