Sustainability | Free Full-Text | Innovation Adoption: Empirical Analysis on the Example of Selected Factors of Organizational Culture in the IT Industry in Poland


Positive adoption of innovation by staff is a current and crucial issue for proper operation of businesses, industry, and socio-economic environment. The article discusses variables affecting innovation adoption and analyses selected organisational culture factors in terms of their impact on innovation adoption in Polish IT companies. A novelty here is a study of their impact separately at each stage of innovation. The objective was to assess the perception of the impact of selected organisational culture factors on adoption of innovation by Polish IT industry staff at different stages. Due to the complexity of the different research aspects, a method triangulation strategy was used, combining survey techniques, desk research, expert opinions and statistical analysis. The survey used an original questionnaire called “The Process of Innovation Adoption and Perception” to examine opinions on 15 organisational culture factors in the context of innovation adoption. The research confirmed that selected organisational culture factors have a different impact on innovation adoption at different stages of innovation introduction in the Polish IT industry. On this basis, groups of factors perceived similarly in terms of innovation adoption at the individual stages were identified, forming guidelines for the proper implementation of innovation in Polish IT companies.

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