Good day learners! This is Easy Engineering. For today’s topic, we are going to talk about the “Freshwater Ecosystem”.

Fishing. Who doesn’t like fishing? the peaceful environment and the excitement of hooking a fish! But while you are waiting, you can see other things. The flowing water in the river, the chirping of the insects and the interaction of small animals. And these are the things we see in a freshwater ecosystem!
Freshwater ecosystems include streams, rivers, lakes and ponds that have water and are surrounded by land. So the ocean doesn’t count, and for another reason, it’s very salty and not a touch of freshness at all!
These waters move as rain comes and snow dries up. With melting snow, lakes and rivers are supplied. You may notice that when snow dries up, it becomes water and in this case, a freshwater!
Some springs flow underground, and the water comes from under the ground to keep the springs flowing. If you dig deep enough using a water pump, you’ll get drinkable water! Wow!
Streams and Rivers
The water in streams and the rivers are always moving! that’s why it oftentimes called lotic.

Find out more by watching the video.

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