Accumulation measurements in Pamir


Together with Astrid Lambrecht and Christoph Mayer from the Bavarian Academy of Sciences, Fanny joined a field undertaking targeting estimating snow aggregation of Fedchenko Glacier in Tajikistan. During one month, they estimated the icy mass surface height with GPS and assessed how much snow fell the previous winter by burrowing snow pits and utilizing a radar.

Glaciological estimations are rare in the Pamir mountains because of the remoteness of the icy masses and complex coordinations. Fedchenko Glacier is a special case, as past logical campaigns went there over the span of the twentieth century and in the ongoing years (e.g., Aizen et al., 2009; Lambrecht et al., 2018). Connecting the previous summer estimations with chronicled records stays testing, yet the new estimations will give novel chances to comprehend the drawn out impact of environmental change in this district.

Snow pit estimation. The snow thickness is estimated at various profundity to compute the aggregate sum of water that fell the previous winter. Photograph: A. Lambrecht


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