Taking stock of the growing glaciers in Asia


The world is warming and icy masses far and wide are contracting subsequently. In spite of this general pattern, one locale in High Mountain Asia has icy masses that are steady, or in any event, developing. This bewildering conduct is frequently alluded to as the Karakoram irregularity, named after the Karakoram mountain run where this conduct was first noted, and it has been a logical puzzle for various years.

A gathering of researchers that are chipping away at this issue, drove by ETH’s Daniel Farinotti and including Walter and Remco from our gathering, has now summed up our insight about the Karakoram inconsistency in a paper distributed in Nature Geoscience. It incorporates a depiction of the historical backdrop of the issue, our present comprehension of the potential reasons for the oddity, and precise recommendations for how new estimations and demonstrating can push us to at last understand the secret of Asia’s developing icy masses.

Schematic of the procedure affix prompting peculiar ice sheet advancement. an, External procedures. b, Climate driving. c, Glacier properties. d, Glacier reaction. e, Downstream effects. For each component, a general degree of trust in its portrayal or comprehension is demonstrated by the shading concealing. The certainty level depends on the creators’ master judgment and writing audit.


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