Targets low-cost carbon neutral desalination using solar dome


NEOM has consented to an arrangement with UK-based Solar Water Plc to manufacture the first historically speaking “sun powered vault” desalination plants in NEOM, northwest Saudi Arabia. The pilot venture claims it will change the water desalination process.

Work on the first “solar vault” starts this February and is relied upon to be finished before the finish of 2020.

NEOM claims that at an estimated $0.34/m3, the expense of creating water through “sun based arch” innovation will be fundamentally lower than switch assimilation, and will deliver increasingly focused salt water.

Remarking on the project, H.E. Abdulrahman Al-Fadli, Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Environment, Water and Agriculture, said: “NEOM’s appropriation of this pilot supports Saudi Arabia’s sustainability objectives, as illustrated in the nation’s National Water Strategy 2030, and is completely lined up with the reasonable advancement objectives set out by the United Nations.”

Nadhmi Al-Nasr, CEO of NEOM, included: “Simple access to inexhaustible seawater and completely sustainable power source assets implies NEOM is consummately set to create minimal effort, practical new water through sun oriented desalination. This sort of innovation is an incredible token of our promise to supporting innovation, championing ecological preservation and conveying outstanding decency. Cooperating with the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture we can extend the execution of this innovation past NEOM.”

Sun oriented Water’s pivotal methodology, created at the U.K’s. Cranfield University, speaks to the primary use, for an enormous scope, of Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) innovation in seawater desalination. The procedure sees seawater siphoned into a hydrological “sun oriented vault” produced using glass and steel, before it is superheated, vanished and in the end accelerated as new water.


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